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A Practical Guide to Sampling

It’s usually not cost-effective or practical to collect and examine all the data available. It is often necessary to draw a sample of information from the whole population to enable the detailed examination required to take place. Sampling provides a means of gaining information about the population without the need to examine the population in … Read more

Insight-led: understanding motivations of attenders and potential attenders

How can we develop a deeper understanding of what motivates people to attend or take part in arts and cultural events? Mary Butlin showed AMA conference 2013 delegates how to implement a low-cost research programme to understand audience motivations and shared expertise from a variety of settings for organisations of all sizes.  Helen Jones from … Read more

Challenging the single approach to qualitative research

Tash Walker, Partner and Co-Founder of research agency The Mix, argues in her article A bad case of research myopia that single approach research methodologies are not always the way to go. So, if you’re planning on investing in some primary research, particularly qualitative research, have a read. It might just make you stop and think … Read more

Big data: what it means for qualitative researchers

Keep up to speed with current industry debate on big data and research with this article by Colin Strong, Managing Director, GfK NOP Business & Technology. This article was first published by In Brief, the magazine of the Association of Qualitative Research.

DIY evaluation and research

Helpful advice, resources and pointers for those who a) haven’t got budget to buy in research or evaluation support, b) haven’t any in-house experts or c) haven’t a clue where to start!