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Guide to creating a community of practice

1. What is a ‘community of practice’? A community of practice brings together people with a shared interest in order that they can learn from each other and provide peer-to-peer support. The community of practice creates a ‘safe space’ that enables like-minded people to share ideas, advice, best practice and support. It can either evolve … Read more

How can I document my content when staff leave the organisation?

1. Introduction Retaining digital skills and knowledge when people leave your organisation is very important, especially for heritage organisations where volunteers change and short-term projects abound. In a sector with high turnover – whether its academics moving on or community projects changing over time – organisations must ensure that they share their hard-earned knowledge before … Read more

How can I retain digital content skills and knowledge in my organisation?

1. Introduction Digital content skills are essential, but they can often take a long time to develop. It can be especially difficult for those in the heritage sector, which is underpinned by temporary and project-funded roles, alongside the work of our fantastic volunteers. These individuals can make a big impact on your organisation, but in … Read more