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How to build your influencing skills

Junior arts workers are often the most in touch with audiences, but can struggle to make their voices and ideas heard. Laraine Penson offers some tips for communicating more effectively – and explains why management should listen. This article was originally written for Arts Professional.

Arts sponsorship and influencing decision-makers

The arts provide an effective way to reach and influence senior clients and other key decision-makers. This guide presents real-life case studies that show that for a modest outlay the arts are powerful generators of goodwill. Their image of creativity, innovation, quality, social responsibility and trust is one that businesses themselves wish to project.

Maecenas Initiative: increasing individual philanthropy

The Maecenas Initiative was an Arts & Business’ programme to increase individual philanthropic support of the arts in the UK. The first part of this detailed report explains the success of charitable giving in the US and Canada. It then goes on to discuss factors that can influence and improve the climate for individual giving. … Read more

The basics of successfully achieving influence

The art of influencing has the air of something akin to a ‘dark art’; mysterious at best, possibly manipulative and underhand at worst. In reality it is simply less tangible than many other workplace skills; more a dynamic process than a list of dos and don’ts. In this article, Alasdair Cant takes a look at the basics.

How ethnography can be used in arts marketing

A demonstration of the value of ethnography – how to interpret outcomes rather than needs in order to understand the drivers for attending the arts. Siamack Salari argues that it can provide new insights into the way that consumers interact or engage with the arts and includes interviews with a couple of arts attenders, finding … Read more

How to effect organisational change by sharing research

This case study looks at how visitor research can be used to help create a shared language and understanding about visitors across an organisation and provide the impetus for change. The case study highlights the benefit of using research as a springboard for audience development and clear communication with visitors and colleague, how to lift … Read more

Hints and tips guide to working with MPs

This is a useful and practical run-through of the do and don’t of working with an influencing MPs, essential for any press officer, arts marketing professional or fundraising seeking to influence stakeholders.

How to lead organisational change with limited authority

In any role staff have the potential to successfully lead organisational change. This article provides the theory behind leading with limited authority, including key factors such as understanding barriers or dealing with the sources of resistance to innovation. The author argues that if arts organisations continue as they are – resisting change and innovation – then our … Read more