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How can digital help us become more environmentally sustainable?

1. The relationship between digital technology and environmental sustainability Digital transformation is driven by fast-paced technological change which seeks to transform and make more efficient global processes across sectors. Environmental sustainability is driven by climate change and environmental impact and geopolitical instability. Although digital technology and environmental sustainability may seem unrelated, these concepts can often … Read more

How can we measure our current environmental impact?

1. Environmental impact assessments and your organisation It is essential that organisations measure, plan and minimise activity that might have a negative impact on the environment. Socio-economic activities have already created enormous environmental imbalances and population growth continues to contribute towards the depletion of natural resources. This has led to: Global warming. Climate change. Loss of biodiversity. Ocean acidification. … Read more

Culture, Climate and Environmental Responsibility: Annual Report 20-21

Every year Arts Council England and Julie’s Bicycle produce an Environmental Responsibilities Report celebrating the successes of creative and cultural organisations in acting on national and international climate targets.  This 2020-21 report covers data and insight from a year when England was subject to three national lockdowns.