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Heritage 2033

The National Lottery Heritage Fund is the largest funder for the UK’s heritage. It has a vision for heritage to be valued, cared for and sustained for everyone, now and in the future. Their 10-year strategy sets out their ambitions to support projects of all sizes that connect people and communities to the UK’s heritage.

Future Trends: Addressing cultural and other inequalities at scale

Part of the Future Trends series, published as part of the Warwick UK Cities of Culture Project and commissioned by the Arts and Humanities Research Council. This paper looks at  the importance of hyper-local offerings and developing a sense of ownership as ways of engagement.

My essential reads: pleasure, play and connection in everyday creativity

There has been a recent rise in interest in everyday creativity. This has ranged from people trying out new creative activities like sewing or baking during lockdowns to knowledge workers (that is, those using computers for their jobs) wanting to do something with their hands for a change. I’m currently working on a PhD investigating … Read more

Using online resources to improve collaboration and contributions

1. Using online approaches to promote engagement When you are finding participants to contribute to any project, you can use online resources and engagement to make the process easier. This approach can be especially useful when developing an oral history project as you can have direct access to your contributors and participants. You should bear … Read more

Considering co-creation

Discover what co-creation means, how it can help you actively listen to and collaborate with the local community and form new partnerships as well as helpful insight on putting it into practice. Explore the Heart of Glass and Battersea Arts Centre report and three podcasts with artists, producers, and collaborators.

Let’s talk Loyalty Toolkit

In this toolkit, thrive, NI’s audience development agency, looks at how to evaluate loyalty, gather data on your audience’s loyalty and rate your own loyalty score.

The Power of Storytelling

Two audio case studies by The Audience Agency on the power of storytelling. In the first Richard Leeming talks to Dave Howard of Bespoken Media and Vic Turnbull from Mic Media about how they work with clients to make podcasts that tell powerful stories. In the second he talks strategy, specificity, and scalability with the … Read more

Successfully engage with international audiences

1. The benefits of extending the reach of your heritage organisation There are a number of benefits to extending the reach of your organisation and engaging different audiences. These can include: Financial benefits (e.g. increased fundraising opportunities and ticket sales) Encouragement of knowledge exchange (e.g. exploring wider international approaches and innovative ways of doing things) … Read more