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Changing how you connect: how digital can transform what your organisation offers

1. Introduction The development of digital technologies has benefited the presentation of different aspects of our cultural heritage for many years. Computer-aided design (CAD), geographic information systems (GIS), digital photography, digitisation and 3D scanning, multimedia, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) applications have all enabled heritage organisations to understand, preserve and present … Read more

Managing change using an eight-step model

1. Managing change Once you have decided that you need to adopt a new digital strategy, digitally focused business model, or perhaps to engage your audiences in new ways, you are embarking on a process of change. It is important in this context to embrace change and to manage it. Managing change is not about … Read more

Developing your digital strategy

1. Introduction Developing a digital strategy helps to provide a sense of direction.  It also creates clarity amongst your team and trustees about the kind of investments needed to stay in touch with a rapidly evolving online environment.  Without a clear strategy, you can find yourself in a situation where you are responding impulsively to … Read more

How will a digital content strategy benefit my organisation?

1. Introduction A digital content strategy is essential to any heritage organisation. Whether writing blog posts on the challenges of maintaining botanic gardens or filming instructional videos on woodland management, all content needs planning, preparation, and sign-off. Content strategies help heritage organisations to think about goals, how they can reach their target audience, the best … Read more

Using templates to create your digital strategy

1. Creating a digital strategy for your organisation There are many ways to write a digital strategy for your creative or cultural organisation. In this resource, our expert, Dr Amelia Knowlson, University of Leeds, outlines some of the options available to you. Available templates include the Arts Council England’s Digital Strategy and Plan which is … Read more

Deciding when to work with a digital strategist

1. What it means to be a digital expert A digital strategist is an expert individual or team that understands all the points of contact between your audience and your organisation where digital plays a part. In this resource, we explain how you can use your expertise, and when you might want to use a … Read more

Developing a quick wins approach to your digital strategy

A quick wins digital strategy There are many benefits to having an effective digital strategy. It can be difficult to know which strategy is the most suitable one for your heritage organisation, with countless digital resources easily accessible online and elsewhere. In this resource, we show you that instead of a ‘one size fits all’ … Read more