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Graphic design for print

Michael Pearce from Consider This shares his advice for successfully getting your design from screen to paper.

Getting the message across

Whether it’s a 30-second TV commercial, a half-page press release with some exciting news, a roadside poster trying to catch a driver’s eye, a 24-page brochure to take home and dwell on, or a 45-minute pod-cast speech by the artistic director … they all have an audience to engage, all have a purpose to achieve,a key message to get across.

Using design for more effective marketing communications

Our potential customers need to understand our marketing communications and remember them positively when they make a decision about how to spend their leisure time. Heather Maitland looks at how we can increase understanding and positive recall.

Getting personal with print and design

While we have refined our targeting methods to almost scientific levels, take a look at print in many arts organisations and what is most striking is that we are still quite conservative when it comes to acknowledging our customer base.

Marketing science

As you pause in the supermarket aisle or sign-off purchase orders between meetings, when it comes to the moment of decision, does all that marketing science really work? This extract from Peter Fisk’s bestseller Marketing Genius explores neuro marketing.

Accessibility cannot be measured in absolutes

Making your print accessible is an ongoing challenge. At Shape they constantly monitor, ask and try to improve. As marketers, we know that accessibility is not optional. We know that making our print accessible can mean reaching out to a wider audience; letting disabled and deaf people know that this is an organisation for them.

How mobile can reach out to a non-traditional arts audience

Background In early 2011 Thought Den were commissioned to produce a playful mobile-based experience to take Tate’s collection of artworks beyond the physical walls of the gallery. Their previous app, Tate Trumps, was hailed as a game-changer and demonstrated public appetite for mobile experiences. Magic Tate Ball was designed to appeal to more casual mobile … Read more

Creating beautiful infographics for marketing the arts

Have you ever wanted to create your own infographics for presenting data on social media in an attractive and shareable way? Originally published on the AMA blog, this guide will give you ideas and advice on planning, commissioning and producing your own data charts and infographics. It uses the development of an infographic for the Royal … Read more