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Recruit and manage digital volunteers to deliver data analysis projects

This is a ‘how to recruit, manage and support volunteers’ guide produced as part of the Digital Skills for Heritage’s Digital Volunteering programme. 1. Project background Building Resilience in South West Woodlands was a four-year Plantlife project (2018 – 2022), to raise awareness of Atlantic woodlands across Cornwall, Devon and Somerset, whilst implementing important management … Read more

Ensuring ethical best practice in data storage and management

1. What are ‘ethical considerations’? Ethical considerations are an attempt to ensure that information about an individual is processed lawfully, fairly and in a transparent manner. This is an increasingly common concern as any area of cultural heritage may include personal, confidential and sensitive data which provides valuable historiographical or contextual information for understanding the … Read more

How can we measure our current environmental impact?

1. Environmental impact assessments and your organisation It is essential that organisations measure, plan and minimise activity that might have a negative impact on the environment. Socio-economic activities have already created enormous environmental imbalances and population growth continues to contribute towards the depletion of natural resources. This has led to: Global warming. Climate change. Loss of biodiversity. Ocean acidification. … Read more

Using segmentation methods to understand your audience

1. Introduction It is important for any organisation to reflect and respond to the needs of its audiences. A common pitfall for many arts and heritage organisations is the assumption that just because we value what we do, then others will too. This is especially the case when thinking about finding new, perhaps younger, audiences … Read more