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Opportunities for digital fundraising in the heritage sector

1. The importance of digital fundraising Fundraising has changed with a rise of cashless payments and online fundraising events, and a move to more engaging and innovative methods of building audiences and increasing funds. While digital fundraising should never replace ‘traditional’ fundraising, there are numerous opportunities for organisations to complement existing techniques, using digital to … Read more

Introduction to crowdfunding

In the first of a series of three articles crowdfunding specialist Jo Breeze takes us through the main platforms and how to get it right first time.

Crowdfunding – A unique blend of marketing and fundraising

AMA member Merrin Kalinowski considers how the success of Art Happens campaigns is dependent upon close collaboration between marketing and development teams. This article is featured in the Spring 2018 issue of  JAM – the AMA’s quarterly publication.

Crowdfunding with a twist

The Lyric Hammersmith wanted to thank every donor who contributed to their capital campaign, no matter how small. Libby Penn from Spektrix explains how they did it. This article originally appeared in Arts Professional.

Crowd funding for a start-up

Be inspired by House of Fairy Tales’ use of the crowd funding platform, Kickstarter, to gain support and backing for their creative project. Moreover, find out more about how they built and maintained personal networks to increase the span and reach of their fundraising campaign to fulfill their mission of making childhood education inclusive, inventive … Read more