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Video: Everyday creativity

Through examining evidence from the latest wave of Cultural Participation Monitor data, this recorded session from The Audience Agency takes a look at the creative activities people do independently, such as playing an instrument, podcasting, flower arranging, drag, creative gaming, graffiti and much more. 

My essential reads: pleasure, play and connection in everyday creativity

There has been a recent rise in interest in everyday creativity. This has ranged from people trying out new creative activities like sewing or baking during lockdowns to knowledge workers (that is, those using computers for their jobs) wanting to do something with their hands for a change. I’m currently working on a PhD investigating … Read more

Evaluation: Creative Civic Change

Creative Civic Change was an experimental funding programme that supported 15 communities to shape, lead, and commission creative interventions to make positive change where they lived. An evaluation by one of the programme’s four funders, Local Trust.

Creatively Minded and the NHS

An overview of participatory arts offered by the NHS to people with mental health problems – featuring NHS Trusts across the UK which offer a range of creative artist-led programmes in both primary and secondary care.

Love in a cold climate: Creative ageing in Finland

How is Finland approaching the creative and cultural rights of and provision for older people? A series of case studies and reflections aimed at practitioners, policy makers and funders anywhere in the world with an interest in creative ageing.

Creatively Minded: The Directory

A directory of organisations working in the field of arts and mental health in the UK containing around 320 organisations identified as part of research conducted for Baring Foundation‘s Arts and Mental Health funding programme.

Research digest: Everyday creativity

This everyday creativity research digest summarises current evidence relating to the many and diverse creative and cultural activities that people do at home or in their communities. Specifically, it explores the value of activities facilitated by amateur or voluntary groups in shared community spaces and self-initiated activity that takes place at home. This review does … Read more

Using creative self expression to support mental wellbeing

Creative People and Places Hounslow take us through ‘Walking with the Unseen’, a project led by local people with no specialised experience of arts and cultural leadership. It shares how by working together and deliberating the issues that they identified locally, they developed an idea that tackled the huge subject of mental health in a … Read more