AMA Conference 2020

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5 tips to improve your web writing

In today’s digitally fuelled world, we’re all writers. We tag, post, publish and paste text more often than we realise. And a lot of the time, we’re not getting it right. We’re losing out on our readers’ finite attention. Zosia Poulter, Content Strategist at Substrakt gives us 5 tips to improve our web writing.

How to… create engaging, effective calls to action

In this practical ‘How To’ guide, Katie Parry from digital agency and arts sector specialists, Supercool, shares considerations, principles and practical tips to help you engage users on your website – and achieve business goals.  

How to write great web copy

Writing for web is very different to writing brochure copy but we often see the same words and techniques used for both. Katie Parry from digital agency and arts sector specialists, Supercool explains why web copy is important and get down to the nitty-gritty of making it work.

Websites – mind your language

Katie Parry from digital agency and arts sector specialists, Supercool, explains the importance of making sure that the language you use on your website is inclusive.

Tell your story well

Jane Cordell, Director of Result CIC and board member at AMA share her experience of the AMA Copywriting Day 2018 and gives us some quick tips on copywriting for non-copywriters.

Content – make do and mend

Through case studies and takeaway tips, discover how to ensure the content you develop is both effective and efficient. In this transcript of a session, find out how to get the most value out of the content you can afford to create. This resource also looks at micro-content – how tiny changes to your copy … Read more

What do venues think makes effective copy for touring events?

In this two and half minute video, marketers and managers from five small scale arts centres talk to Heather Maitland about the kind of copy they need from touring companies. All the venues are members of Theatre Forum, the industry body for the performing arts in Ireland.

You wrote a book, now what?

Angela Jackson’s debut novel The Emergence of Judy Taylor has been received with great critical acclaim and is through to the final three of Amazon Rising Stars 2013.  In this article Angela reflects on how her background in arts PR helped her prepare to launch her own work, albeit there were many new lessons she … Read more