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How do I develop a digital content strategy?

1. Introduction A digital content strategy is essential in order for your heritage organisation to find, create and share content for your digital platforms. This resource will take you through how to develop a content strategy that works for your organisation and includes some handy templates to get you started. When digital content is created … Read more

Podcast: How do I make a podcast on a shoestring?

Introduction Heritage organisations are in the business of telling stories. And there is perhaps no better way to get your story out there than with a podcast. Podcasts are designed to be listened to at your own leisure, they provide ample space for an in-depth discussion online, and they can help you build a personal … Read more

How do I write, implement, and monitor a digital content strategy?

Introduction Creating content that audiences can consume online is now part and parcel of the way organisations operate. There are plenty of different content types that organisations can embrace, including articles, podcasts, videos, and much more. The heritage sector is no stranger to content – content is all about storytelling and heritage organisations have a … Read more

How do I budget for content creation and sharing?

Content creation can be costly, whether you’re generating it internally or using external partners. In this article, we share advice on how you can budget effectively and some cost-saving tips that can help along the way. Whilst it is costly, it can reap massive benefits. From raising your profile, to securing new supporters and members. … Read more

A guide to raising your profile on social media

1. Introduction The online world is noisy. There’s cat videos, dance trends, memes, podcasts, recipe TikToks, a website dedicated entirely to people posting their thoughts at any given time. It can be hard to cut through the clutter. The good news is, as heritage organisations, you are home to lots of exciting content. Heritage organisations … Read more

How do we ensure that people are at the heart of the stories we tell?

The heritage sector is uniquely placed to use people-centred storytelling. People, their history, communities, identity, culture and oral history are at the heart of many heritage organisations. Unlike product or service-based industries, people visit, learn, maintain, and share the rich stories that have happened at your location. You can ensure people are at the heart … Read more

Is the content I’m sharing online data protection compliant?

A website or social media account is an essential channel for the promotion of your organisation’s aims and activities. Whatever the aims, if you are sharing personal data online, you need to comply with data protection laws. This guidance takes you through the things you need to consider.   1. Know your data Are you … Read more