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The pros and cons of switching to free and open-source digital tools and software

1. Introduction Creative commons in relation to digital materials and open-source software are useful resources for heritage organisations. Using freely available materials such as images, music and computer applications may provide significant savings on licensing fees. Your organisation can also create digital content which you may then choose to make openly available to others, especially … Read more

What implications and opportunities should we consider when using 3D scanning or printing to create 3D digital models from our collections?

1. Opportunities and challenges in using 3D technology Creating 3D models of cultural artefacts can help to foster learning and provide new ways of engaging with heritage. The process can also offer access to resources previously denied to audiences and can help preserve fragile items. Essentially there are two approaches to creating three dimensional assets: … Read more

Podcast: How do I make a podcast on a shoestring?

Introduction Heritage organisations are in the business of telling stories. And there is perhaps no better way to get your story out there than with a podcast. Podcasts are designed to be listened to at your own leisure, they provide ample space for an in-depth discussion online, and they can help you build a personal … Read more

How do I budget for content creation and sharing?

Content creation can be costly, whether you’re generating it internally or using external partners. In this article, we share advice on how you can budget effectively and some cost-saving tips that can help along the way. Whilst it is costly, it can reap massive benefits. From raising your profile, to securing new supporters and members. … Read more

The Power of Storytelling

Two audio case studies by The Audience Agency on the power of storytelling. In the first Richard Leeming talks to Dave Howard of Bespoken Media and Vic Turnbull from Mic Media about how they work with clients to make podcasts that tell powerful stories. In the second he talks strategy, specificity, and scalability with the … Read more

A guide to raising your profile on social media

1. Introduction The online world is noisy. There’s cat videos, dance trends, memes, podcasts, recipe TikToks, a website dedicated entirely to people posting their thoughts at any given time. It can be hard to cut through the clutter. The good news is, as heritage organisations, you are home to lots of exciting content. Heritage organisations … Read more