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West Vale — The Rise and Fall of Two Towers

This is ‘how to use digital tools to support collaboration’ guide was produced as part of the Digital Skills for Heritage’s Connected Heritage programme. 1. Project background First Choice Homes Oldham (FCHO) is a Housing Association in Oldham, Greater Manchester that manages around 11,500 properties in the borough of Oldham. For this project, FCHO has … Read more

My essential reads: The politics and possibilities of artists working with communities

Socially engaged art practices are those where a professional artist develops creative interventions in public rather than within a gallery, theatre or traditional cultural venue. Such activities might automatically assume ‘public good’ as they imply a sense of community engagement. Problematically, however, the intention and outcome of such creative practices can vary drastically, and as … Read more

My essential reads: pleasure, play and connection in everyday creativity

There has been a recent rise in interest in everyday creativity. This has ranged from people trying out new creative activities like sewing or baking during lockdowns to knowledge workers (that is, those using computers for their jobs) wanting to do something with their hands for a change. I’m currently working on a PhD investigating … Read more

Evaluation report: Birmingham 2022 Festival

An overarching evaluation report of the key findings from the Birmingham 2022 Festival. This report represents the culmination of 12-months’ work collaborating with the Organising Committee for the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games (the OC) to evaluate its cultural programme, the Birmingham 2022 Festival.

Evaluation: Creative Civic Change

Creative Civic Change was an experimental funding programme that supported 15 communities to shape, lead, and commission creative interventions to make positive change where they lived. An evaluation by one of the programme’s four funders, Local Trust.

Podcast: How heritage can give communities a new voice

Dr Dominique Bouchard, Head of Learning and Interpretation at English Heritage shares insights from her fifteen years of experience leading public programming and exhibitions, and explores ideas of how museums and heritage can help communities tell their own stories.

Using segmentation methods to understand your audience

1. Introduction It is important for any organisation to reflect and respond to the needs of its audiences. A common pitfall for many arts and heritage organisations is the assumption that just because we value what we do, then others will too. This is especially the case when thinking about finding new, perhaps younger, audiences … Read more