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Understanding live stand-up comedy from an audience perspective

In 2011 Dr Sharon Lockyer and her colleague Lynn Myers at Brunel University, undertook research into understanding live stand-up comedy from an audience perspective. The project consisted of both an online survey and a series of semi-structured qualitative interviews with stand-up comedy audiences. In this article Dr Lockyer reports on the five main themes that were identified in the semi-structured interview responses. This article was … Read more

Dance Touring Partnership – Overview of Research into Contemporary Dance

A benchmarking document created by Heather Maitland on behalf of the Dance Touring Partnership. This research overview focuses primarily on research reports written between 1995 and 2005 into the behaviour and attitudes of attenders of dance styles that the researchers have categorised as ‘contemporary’.

Dance Touring Partnership Box Office Analysis 2013–2015

Dance Touring Partnership produced four tours over 2013-15, under Arts Council England’s Strategic Touring Fund. This report brings together the results of analysis of the bookers for these tours, based on box office records. This report was compiled by The Audience Agency on behalf of Dance Touring Partnership.

Using a leisure pass system to break down barriers to audience attendance

Peter Bary from the Brussels based cultural marketing organisation Cultuurnet Vlaanderen outlines their recent success with ‘Uitpas’ a leisure pass system that aims to break down barriers for infrequent cultural audiences. The user friendly leisure pass works on a credit saving system and offers cultural ‘trials’ and discounts for less advantaged audiences. The project was … Read more

Arts Attendance in Ireland 2012-2013

Arts Audiences works within Ireland to build knowledge and expertise within the arts about audiences through a range of initiatives and training courses. Arts Audiences is funded by The Arts Council/ An Chomairle Ealaoin and is a partnership initiative of The Arts Council and Temple Bar Cultural Trust. The annual Arts Attendance in Ireland report … Read more

How can a community based dance company be successful in the 21st century

In this white paper Ballet Memphis and National Arts Strategies (USA) share the findings of the initial stage of fact finding work that set out to ‘reinvent’ Ballet Memphis by ‘building bridges to new communities and planning a variety of sustainable scenarios for the future business model’.  It gives a fascinating insight into the questions … Read more

Developing youth audiences: Is it worth it?

How do we address the under-representation of under 26 year olds in our audiences? The first article debunks 13 myths about youth arts attendance, including ‘Young people don’t have any money’ and suggests that efforts to attract ‘young people’ might be a waste of resources; the second and third articles describe successful schemes at the … Read more

The challenges of attracting new attenders

Two case studies describe projects to attract new attenders. The first involving Northern Ballet Theatre and Leeds Grand Theatre highlights the importance of producing good quality data. The second project involving MacRobert Arts Centre, Stirling and Sunderland Empire describes their aim to attract young new attenders and concludes that monitoring and evaluation must be build … Read more