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A look ahead to arts marketing in 2024

Written by marketing and audience development consultant Christina Lister, this insightful article explores key trends that will affect arts marketing in 2024 and beyond. Lister draws on her extensive experience in the sector to offer practical advice and advocacy to help arts marketers navigate an evolving landscape of audiences, platforms, values, and more.

Arts Advocacy Toolkit: Make your voice heard

Ticketsolve with representatives from a variety of arts venues across the UK, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are producing a series of  Recovery Toolkits to support the industry and to come up with realistic solutions to the problems facing it as a result of  Covid-19. The first toolkit tackles advocacy and includes wide-ranging advice, tips, ideas and … Read more

‘Remake the Model’. Philanthropy and the Arts after Coronavirus.

Mike Scutari, contributing journalist at Inside Philanthropy deep dives into the impact of Coronavirus and what lies beyond. As arts funders navigate the opening stages of what will be a prolonged effort to stem the impact of COVID-19, many are already looking beyond the pandemic. As A Blade of Grass Executive Director Deborah Fisher told Mike Scutari … Read more


Learn from Creative Scene’s experience of developing a group of arts advocates – the SceneMakers – to build audiences for arts events.

How to build advocacy

This advocacy fact sheet is useful for all cultural marketers. Based on the Museums Association ‘Love Museums’ campaign, it outlines tips for how to raise your profile, improve communication and influence key stakeholders.

What are economic impact studies and how should you approach one?

This overview explains what and economic impact study is, what it measures, and the benefits and drawbacks of the model in evidencing the value of the arts and cultural sectors – useful for fundraisers, development professionals and in advocacy. It explains terminology and what to watch out for if commissioning a study.