Why we should be engaging with European and international work

Why we should be engaging with European and international work

By Carole Bemant


This document takes a look at some of the key developments across Europe in terms of funding and collaboration providing a framework for increased cross cultural engagement. This is a detailed discussion that develops the theory that the creative and cultural industries are increasingly recognised as a powerful motor for jobs, growth, export earnings, cultural diversity and social inclusion. It provides information on Europe wide funding programmes that can be utilised to improve international engagement and collaboration.

Engaging with European and International Work?

Over 10 reasons to be involved!

Policy: Much of UK policy is driven by the European Commission and many of the projects funded by the structural funds reflect the Lisbon and Gothenburg priorities of economic growth and competition, the increase of knowledge industries and the need for sustainability. However, just as there is an obligation for all programmes to address community cohesion or integration, there is also a requirement member countries ‘mainstream’ culture into the broader policy-making framework. (Maastricht Treaty) Article 151.4.

Funding Programmes: As we approach the next round of EU funding, (2014-2020) trying to influence the Commission is important for the arts and cultural sector as well as ‘creative and cultural industries’. By engaging with European policies, networking and programmes and/or becoming associated with campaigns or actions there is an opportunity to influence these future strategies, programmes and funding. The Commission, for instance, ‘recently set up a Cultural Forum for this purpose.

Resource type: Guide/tools | Published: 2013