Why voting competitions are a nightmare

Why voting competitions are a nightmare

By Promotional Marketing


We may not all be in a position to offer a £10,000 prize as in the case of the example in this article from outside the arts, but this is worth a read if you are considering a voting competition.  Do you have a clear set of terms and conditions?  With the ease that social media brings to the process of voting competitions, it’s more important than ever to ensure that participants understand the voting restrictions but still get fun out of the process. This article was first published by Promotional Marketing.

If you want to allow people to vote more than once, then that’s fine, so long as you make that clear in the original Terms & Conditions.

You must also state what tactics entrants can use to drum up votes and what they aren’t allowed to do. In online competitions, this is particularly important as there are websites where consumers can swap votes with people in other similar competitions, or even buy them.

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Resource type: | Published: 2014