Who do you want on your front row?

Who do you want on your front row?

By Chris Grady


In this article, Chris Grady provides an introduction to the basics of developing a marketing strategy for your event, starting with the question: who do you want on your front row? Chris discusses the importance of identifying the five key customers you want to ensure attends your event and consider these people at the very first stages of your marketing planning. 

Next have a think about your audience and understand where they live/work/spend time when they might make the decision to come to the event. It’s no good splashing publicity all over your venue if there isn’t much passing trade. That might feel good for the soul, and impress the staff and the actors – but it isn’t going to sell tickets. So think about the Place that your marketing message is going to have the maximum impact. That place may be the kitchen table as the customer opens their post. It may be the mobile phone as they check Twitter. It may be the school common room as the teachers think of how to inspire their flock. It may be in the 24 local vegetarian restaurants around the town as you try to reach a very specific group of customers. And finally think about Promotion. How are you going to phrase the information, how will you be most persuasive in your message, and what medium will you use – print, radio, talks to groups, e-mails etc etc.

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Resource type: | Published: 2013