Welsh National Opera in Birmingham

Welsh National Opera in Birmingham

By Jo Taylor


Welsh National Opera (WNO) is based in Cardiff but tours throughout the UK with over 50% of their funding coming from England. Birmingham is of particular importance to WNO – their 'home in England' - and it has a strategic emphasis on everything they do. As a touring company one of their challenges is to feel owned by audiences in the cities they perform in – to have an impact and a place.

Taking risks together – believing your own arguments
There was no way of scheduling City Songs performances as an additional part of our Birmingham week on top of five main house evening operas. For this project to be given due status, the performances had to take place in the main house. We decided it had to replace a main house show, taking out one performance of Carmen – a popular production which would have achieved considerable shared box office income for us and the Birmingham Hippodrome.

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Resource type: Case studies | Published: 2013