Webinar: How to Improve your Engagement on Social Media

Webinar: How to Improve your Engagement on Social Media

By HdK Associates


HdK Associates explore how to optimise user engagement across the key social media platforms. Including how to pivot your social media during Coronavirus. With: Hans de Kretser, Director; Phoebe Cleghorn, Digital Marketing Manager; Freya Ruane, Marketing Coordinator and Hannah Gagen, Advocacy Manager, SOLT and UK Theatre


  • How to measure your engagement
  • The importance of analytics
  • What to include (and avoid) in your captions
  • Different types of content to incorporate
  • Simple tricks to make sure you’re not missing any reach (such as niche hashtags, geotagging, stories)
  • How to engage specific audiences through social advertising

Please see below some of the questions that came up during the webinar session and the responses from the panel:

What is a good platform for creating video quickly?

For simple animated video, check out Canva. Depending on what kind of functionality you’re looking for, there are also lots of options for editing filmed footage. See this article for more details.

How can you get royalty free music and video to use?
For royalty free music, try Epidemic Sound or HelloAudio. For free videos try Pexels and Pixabay.

Should all three platforms (TW, IG, FB) have the same content?
Treat each platform individually. On a surface level, people use Twitter to converse, Instagram for inspiration and Facebook for information. Tailor your content to each of their strengths, even if it means just tweaking the copy or modifying your creative.

How often to post?
There’s no industry accepted number of posts. It’s different for each feed depending on the value of the content to your audience. But view the insights over time and see the responses you get to judge. Quality of content will ultimately get you more engagement than posting for the sake of it, but whatever you opt for, be consistent.

Can you name a good hashtag site.

I understand how you share on twitter but on Instagram is there a sharing mechanism only liking and comments?
You can share on Instagram by clicking the small arrow, next to the comments icon. You can then share that post to your Instagram story.

What do you think of using hashtags for comedy as a statement?
It’s about context. Remember that hashtags are a great way to reach new audiences. If the hashtag is not being used by your target community or audience you may be missing an opportunity. But if it gets a laugh – it is surely worth it!?

Can you use geotagging on free posts?
Yes you can.

How should content vary on a story compared to a normal post?
Stories should be compatible with the dimensions – you can create these directly in Instagram or using software like Canva or Photoshop. Stories can be even more interactive, so make use of the various functions, such as questions, polls, sliding votes, etc. to encourage your followers to interact in different ways.

Could you please repeat the website for the Engagement Rate calculation?
Phlanx – engagement rate calculator.

We’ve noticed that the ability to target audiences on Facebook have reduced recently so we tend to stick to age and geography which seems far too general.  Any tips?
You are still able to target people based on their demographics, interests and behaviours, plus age, location, etc. through Facebook Ads Manager, so we’d recommend using this platform for greater targeting options.

Can I join my Insta account with FB – but ONLY my business FB account, I don’t want it going to my personal page.
Absolutely – check out this helpful guide.

I don’t understand how stories of others can be shared without sharing individually instead of with all my followers as I do with Facebook.
When you are tagged in someone else’s story, it gives you the option to add the post to your page’s story. If you’re not tagged, this function isn’t available, but you can always screenshot or screen-record and share it that way – just make sure to tag the original account that posted it.

I am slightly torn on how much to inject myself, the producer, into the company, and how personal to get with this versus a more distant professional view. Would appreciate any guidance on this?
If you are posting on behalf of the company, it’s always best to speak as though you are representing them collectively. This automatically means that what you will share will have a professional touch to it, however, it’s always valuable to highlight what makes you unique – after all, social media is a platform for humans to interact with other humans. Inject some of this into your content, but always remember that you’re speaking for the company.

Resource type: Articles | Published: 2020