Vision quest

Vision quest

By Mel Larsen


A personal or company vision gives you a sense of how things could be. It’s your ideal future, it says what you, or even the world, could become (as opposed to your mission statement which reminds you of your more immediate purpose in terms of who, what, why and where). Einstein famously called the imagination a ‘preview of life’s coming attractions’ which hints at the confidence required to design a great vision.

I’ve seen so many dull vision statements over the years, it appears that even talented executives, strangely enough, view the vision statement as a necessary evil, or worse, have ceased to be led by inspiration themselves. I used to feel that the idea of having a vision was a bit ‘airy fairy’ and often felt embarrassed talking about Vision statements. I’ve come to realise that a good Vision is a powerful foundation. Far from a fluffy add-on to a funding application, it’s an essential leadership resource. How can you lead anyone to the Promised Land if you can’t see it in your mind’s eye, hear it pounding in your heart and feel it punching your gut?

Resource type: Guide/tools | Published: 2013