Using technology to develop audience relationships

Using technology to develop audience relationships

By Martin Vogel


In this article Martin Vogel examines how technology can authentically serve the purposes of an arts organisation. He looks at the importance of developing a technology strategy for audience relationships that takes into account an organisation’s resources and priorities.

Make your audience feel involved
We must go beyond the actual cultural event and offer content so that people can understand what we are doing and are able to participate in the enterprise, not just consume it. Technology conferences in the United States have been using functionality to involve their participants in rich and new ways. This makes the event more interactive, but there is also a payoff in that participants are keen to participate next time thus increasing awareness, attendance and (presumably) sales.
Think about the extent to which your organisation meets people's needs for authenticity and self-actualisation. Do you engage your audiences as consumers of culture or as creators of culture?

Resource type: | Published: 2013