Using SMS to communicate with audiences

Using SMS to communicate with audiences

By Matt Jameson


The Men’s Store opened in central Glasgow in 2004. It was one of the first salons in Glasgow to offer male only grooming. This article from outside the arts offers a few tips on the practicalities of using SMS to communicate with customers. Store Manager Matt Jameson shares what has worked, what hasn’t and what he plans to do differently moving forward. The Men’s Store is still relatively young and has survived the ups and downs of recent economic times. Investment in SMS is viewed as a vital to maintaining strong customer relationships.

The Men’s Store first installed a computerised booking system in 2005 and this is when we first started using SMS. Any customer who provides their mobile contact number is signed up for SMS alerts, although they typically receive only texts reminding them of their next appointment.

At the time of booking, although we do advise them that we don’t share their details with any third party, we don’t advise them that their number may be used for marketing purposes by The Men’s Store. So, as yet, we have not been able to fully use SMS as a marketing tool.

Resource type: | Published: 2013