Using mobile marketing to engage new audiences

Using mobile marketing to engage new audiences

By Mike Saunders


Mobile is becoming a crucial part of the marketing mix. Mike Saunders, of visual art app Artfinder, looks at why this is, and how mobile can be used to reach new and existing audiences and visitors.

Artfinder is focused on visual arts. The things we are talking about today are relevant across the cultural sector but Artfinder is about visual art. It’s about finding art both physically/literally and also in the sense of discovering art metaphorically.

Our observation is that art is a passion that many people have and it’s existed for a very long time. It’s weirdly popular. The number of people who go to galleries is greater than going to football matches.

But it is sometimes difficult to find art; both finding out where to go and also aesthetically and in terms of discovering your taste. Many people don’t know what they really want out to get out of art. They might go to an exhibition every now and again and enjoy it and want more but are not sure where to go next. These are the issues we are trying to address.

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Resource type: | Published: 2013