Using Google Analytics to get better results from your marketing

Using Google Analytics to get better results from your marketing

By Dr Dave Chaffey


Google Analytics can help arts marketers when developing a digital strategy and a digital marketing plan for their organisation. Learn about all the different tools that art marketers can use to help maximise the use of Google Analytics which can improve their marketing campaigns, increase customer engagement and a customers website experience. Please note the presentation referred to in the resource can now be found here.


1.Working smarter with reports

  • Advanced filter/weighted sort
  •  Pivot tables
  • Analytics intelligence

2. Advanced segments

  • Medium dimensions
  • Time period dimensions
  • Value metrics

3. Dashboards and custom reports

  • RACE Digital Marketing
  • Framework
  • Time-based custom reports
  • Value and engagement custom reports

4. Marketing campaigns

  • Campaign tracking for email
  • Campaign tracking for social
  • Adwords funnel and match types
  • Arts Marketing Association Digital Marketing Day 2010

5. Profile and filter setup

  • Comparing conversion rates
  • Goal setup and segmented funnels
  • Improving on-site search

6. Advanced server-based technique

  • Event tracking
  • Virtual page views
  • Custom variables
Resource type: Guide/tools | Published: 2013