Using e-marketing to collect data and build relationships

Using e-marketing to collect data and build relationships

By Julie Aldridge


It's fairly straightforward to collect data from audiences if you're a ticketed organisation, but how do you go about communicating with audiences if you're a non-ticketed venue? In this article the author explores how to use your website and e-mail campaigns to collect valuable data on attenders and potential attenders without the need for a ticketing system. You'll find ideas for e-marketing to really get to know your customers, find out who they are, what they’re interested in, which events/exhibitions they’re attending, which they would like to attend and what they really think about your organisation.

E-mail marketing software

Careful research in this area is important to ensure that you get the right software for your organisation. The following checklist should be used when getting software that can vary considerably in cost and functionality.

- Ability to design the content simply in html with little need for any training
- Automatically detecting if the computer you send it to needs to see plain text or html versions and serving them the correct one

Resource type: | Published: 2013