Understanding disabled people as audiences

Understanding disabled people as audiences

By Shape


A report looking at how cultural organisations can better understand disabled people as audiences, the barriers they may face and how they access the sector. This research-based report includes data on audience behaviour, as well as an analysis of the barriers that must be overcome, such as access, and how those involved in audience development should respond. It also deals with issues of social isolation and describes ways to proactively include these audiences.

Shape’s research has evidenced that if organisations receive regular disability equality training, they will feel more confident with supporting disabled people and can integrate access issues as early as possible at every stage of the development, organisation and delivery of events. In our 2012-13 survey feedback from our training clients, 71% said that receiving disability equality training helped staff gain confidence in supporting disabled people, whilst 91% of respondents said that their work would change as a result of attending the training.

Resource type: Research | Published: 2013