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27th November 2013 Sara Lock

Understanding and measuring the value of the arts

How can arts organisations measure if they have an influence on the quality of life that they might want? In this keynote speech we are shown a participative process in six stages that makes any impact visible and recognises the intangible value of arts activity and its contribution to the quality of life.

Reasons to measure
As part of proving the value of the arts there is a role for measurement. Often there’s quite a lot of resistance to measurement, but there are some very good reasons to measure in a tight funding environment. It’s important to demonstrate value for money; to make visible the difference you make, and to build capacity – those involved in measurement have to learn precise skills so that they can ask tough questions, and ask the right questions. Most importantly, measurement gives an understanding of where you are today, but also influences where you head, and it informs future directions.

| Published:2013

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