Understand the potential of open studio events and how to invest in them

Understand the potential of open studio events and how to invest in them

By Arts Council England


This publication demonstrates the value of open studios; for artists, but also for local arts, economic and social development strategies. It introduced key findings and insights from research, offered a range of successful case studies and provided a listing of events from around England. The aim is to help event organisers and their supporters to better understand the potential of open studios and to make the case for investment in these and other, similar types of artist-led festivals and events.

udy 1: events across England

A study by Keith Hayman in 2002 commissioned by Arts Council England,Yorkshire, analysed 32 open studios events. It found that:

  • Events had raised artists’ profiles and broadened and increased popular interest in art.
  • Levels of artists’ professionalism had gone up.
  • Events wanted to be part of the bigger regeneration picture. They recognised the potential to further develop audiences and activities.
  • They were eager to learn from, and do things together with, other events and partners.


A recipe for success

Depending on its stage of development an event would, ideally, have:

  • Core paid staff (for at least six months).
  • Key staff are: event co-ordinators and financial and/or general administrators.
  • A basic event office.
  • Significant resources for publicity and marketing.
  • Comprehensive visitor and participant market research.
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Resource type: Research | Published: 2013