Txtm8 – the effective use of SMS

Txtm8 – the effective use of SMS

By Ruth Staple


An introduction to text message marketing using, as a case study, the Txtm8 project.

The mobile phone industry has seen rapid growth in recent years and, although 78% of UK homes claimed to have at least one mobile phone in May 2001, forecasts predict that the market is still growing. Over two hundred countries now have mobile networks and, in Western Europe, SMS and mobile phones are considered to be the primary peer-to-peer communication method of choice for under 25s, having replaced the internet and chat rooms.

This year 55 million SMS messages were sent every day during May compared to 45 million in May last year. That’s a growth of 22% and almost one message for every member of the population.

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Resource type: Guide/tools | Published: 2012