Trusts and foundations: are you ready to apply for funding?

Trusts and foundations: are you ready to apply for funding?

By Arts & Business


For the arts, trusts and foundations are a vital source of financial support. This factsheet gives guidance on what their legal status, how to approach them and what to consider when making an application. It gives links to the biggest trusts and foundations in the arts and to further sources of information.

As a general rule, Trusts and Foundations have simpler procedures than public sector funding agencies. Depending on the size and sophistication the Trust, they may well require an applicant to submit a project outline before full application - only a minority of these - which best meet the Trusts objectives - will then get invited to submit a full application. Some are clear about the length of time over which they will support any one charity; often the limit is three years. Trusts’ criteria are generally clear and ask you to specify what you want the funding to support, how much would it cost, why do you want the project to take place, what makes it special and how it fits the Trust’s criteria.

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Resource type: Guide/tools | Published: 2014