Transported: Non-arts partnerships

Transported: Non-arts partnerships

By Ecorys UK


Explore how non-arts partnerships have helped Transported to engage new audiences in the arts.

Project summary

Transported is a community-focused arts programme for Boston & South Holland which aims to get more people enjoying and participating in arts activities. The programme is designed to increase local engagement in high quality arts experiences and to build the capacity of the voluntary and professional sector through non-arts partnerships collaborations.

Transported is one of 21 Creative People and Places (CPP) programmes funded by Arts Council England. Transported is an arts programme led by artsNK and is supported by Leisure in the Community. The programme is built on innovative non-arts partnerships with the public, private and voluntary sectors including FreshLinc Limited, Elsoms Seeds Limited, Boston Borough Council, parish councils, Royal Society or the Protection of Birds (RSPB), Lincolnshire Community and Voluntary Services, housing associations, civic societies and civic trusts.

Drawing on interviews with the Transported staff team and its partners, this case study explores non-arts partnerships in practice and focuses on the impact and outcomes of the programme. It further examines the approaches that are considered to be good practice and unpicks the building blocks for success and programme sustainability.

Key findings

Transported's non-arts partnerships have enabled it to deliver a diverse mix of arts projects which has drawn in new audiences and reached people that would not normally engage in the arts.

Transported's partnership with the private sector has helped to lay the foundations for further collaborations and inspired partnerships with other partners across different sectors.

Transported's concept of 'taking art to people' has led to the creation of new arts projects in everyday places where people would not expect to encounter the arts, including live performances in the workplace and in the town square, artwork on the side of lorries, a public art installation at a nature reserve and a photo exhibition on the outside of a community centre.

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Resource type: Case studies | Published: 2016