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2nd November 2012 Sara Lock

Thinking BIG worksheet 1: mission and implied marketing objectives

By: Stephen Cashman

Draw out the implied marketing objectives in your organisation’s mission statement with this practical worksheet designed for use with the Thinking BIG resource.

Worksheet Set 1

Your organisation's mission and implied marketing objectives

This worksheet is provided for you to record your organisation's mission statement, and then consider the broad marketing objectives implied by it. First, record the mission statement in the box marked 'this organisation's mission'. Then write down the elements of the mission that may have implications for marketing activities in the left-hand column. Last, think about what the broad marketing implications of the various mission statement elements might be and record these in the right-hand column. NB The number of boxes provided is not intended as a guide to how much you shuold fill in - a large number of them are provided in case they are needed.

Thinking Big Worksheet table 1

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| Published:2012

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