The role of arts participation in regional well being

The role of arts participation in regional well being

By Western Australian Department of Culture and the Arts


This paper is a summary of key areas of interest from Julia Anwar McHenry’s research thesis ‘The Arts and Social Well-being in Rural Communities: A Qualitative and Quantitative Assessment in the Mid West Region of Western Australia’. Anwar McHenry’s thesis is the outcome of a research project on the role of the arts in the social well-being in the Mid West with a particular focus on the nature and impacts of the arts in rural communities.

In addition, stronger arguments for the role of the arts in contributing to economic productivity can play a greater role in regional development discussions. This research creates a ‘bridge’ for the integration of quantitative and qualitative data on the more intrinsic aspects of arts and well-being in rural areas.

It is significant in effectively developing and identifying artistic values as indicators and outcomes that define
well-being. These indicators can be further measured using the quantitative modelling techniques used outside of arts sector research.

Resource type: Research | Published: 2014