The Illustrated Freelancer’s Guide | Creative Scotland

The Illustrated Freelancer’s Guide | Creative Scotland


The Illustrated Freelancer’s Guide is a practical resource for the increasing number of artists, makers, writers and other creatives working freelance in Scotland today. Written by Heather Parry and illustrated by Maria Stoian, it uses a highly visual combination of comics and text to highlight key issues, model scenarios and educate creative workers about how to protect themselves with regards to payment, copyright and creative work in general.

This easy to reference guide was created to fill an information gap for creative freelancers to understand their rights and best practices in avoiding and addressing difficult situations.

“The nature of freelancing – often remote, often isolated, with no HR department or workplace union to help you - can make you feel that when things go wrong, it’s simply tough luck. It’s difficult to advocate for yourself and discouraging to sift through pages of government information to try and find out what your rights really are. Even for those of us who’ve been freelancing for a long time, the barriers can feel huge.”

The Guide will support new and established freelancers alike and covers challenging topics like how to protect your work and your business and what to do when things go wrong.

Here’s what’s inside:

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Resource type: Guide/tools | Published: 2021