The Creative Health Quality Framework

The Creative Health Quality Framework

By Culture, Health & Wellbeing Alliance


The Creative Health Quality Framework is a new tool that clearly articulates what “good” looks like for arts and culture initiatives that aim to support people’s health and wellbeing.

The Creative Health Quality Framework, a ground-breaking new tool that clearly articulates what “good” looks like for arts and culture initiatives that aim to support people’s health and wellbeing. It was launched in September 2033 by The Culture, Health & Wellbeing Alliance (CHWA).

The evidence that arts and culture are good for our health continues to grow. Organisations like WHO and UNESCO now calling on governments around the world to realise the potential of creativity for health, and leaders in the NHS and government are increasingly turning to arts and creativity to help them with their most pressing challenges, from health inequalities and mental health to NHS staff wellbeing.

The hope is that the Creative Health Quality Framework will inspire the best possible experiences and outcomes for everyone involved in creative health work, meaning the power and potential of creativity to transform our health can truly be realised.

Funded by Arts Council England and developed by Creative Health consultant Jane Willis in collaboration with over 200 people including artists, participants, health commissioners, and researchers, this new Framework offers clear guidance on how to use the eight Creative Health Quality Principles to deliver safe and effective projects.

The Creative Health Quality Framework sets out a set of principles and actions to ensure creative health work really makes a difference to people’s health experiences and outcomes.

“Creative health” is defined as creative approaches and activities that have benefits for our health and wellbeing. Activities can include visual and performing arts, crafts, film, literature, cooking and creative activities in nature, such as gardening; approaches may involve creative and innovative ways to approach health and care services, co-production, education and workforce development.

Creative health can be applied in homes, communities, cultural institutions and heritage sites, and healthcare settings. Creative health can contribute to the prevention of ill-health, promotion of healthy behaviours, management of long-term conditions, and treatment and recovery across the life course.

The Quality Principles that underpin good creative health projects are:

  • Person-Centred: Value lived experience and enable potential
  • Equitable: Work towards a more just and equitable society
  • Safe: Do no harm, ensure safety, and manage risk
  • Creative: Engage, inspire, and ignite change
  • Collaborative: Work with others to develop joined-up approaches
  • Realistic: Be realistic about what you can achieve
  • Reflective: Reflect, evaluate, and learn
  • Sustainable: Work towards a positive, long-term legacy for people and planet

Download the framework (PDF) 

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Resource type: Guide/tools | Published: 2023