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29th November 2013 Sara Lock

The challenges of attracting new attenders

By: Mark Dobson, Tracy Cochrane

Two case studies describe projects to attract new attenders. The first involving Northern Ballet Theatre and Leeds Grand Theatre highlights the importance of producing good quality data. The second project involving MacRobert Arts Centre, Stirling and Sunderland Empire describes their aim to attract young new attenders and concludes that monitoring and evaluation must be build into the project planning.

The numbers of new attenders are one measure of success, but equally valuable were testing methodology and the knowledge gained, which will inform future work. We have a clear picture of what worked, what didn’t, why not, and what we’d do differently. The structure of the project meant we were able to identify problems and issues as they arose. We learnt a huge amount, but we were we disappointed – it was a very frustrating project. The quality of the data was a major problem. It is so basic, but such a significant issue – duplicates, accuracy of information, out of date by the time we got it. The success of a project is dictated by the quality of the list, not the quality of the product or creativity of the offer.

| Published:2013

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