Ten top tips on how to grab your audience with email marketing

Ten top tips on how to grab your audience with email marketing

By Sarah Clarke


Email newsletters are an easy, instantaneous and relatively inexpensive way to grab the attention of your audience with relevant information that they want to read. Here are a few of the top tips before you start! By applying some simple rules, they can become much more effective, including planning ahead, doing your homework, asking permission, setting expectations, getting your subject line right, knowing your audience, being relevant, interesting and consistent, and keeping it simple.

Rule #5 – think about your subject line

One of the jobs of an email newsletter is to grab attention quickly, so it’s essential to create short, snappy and effective subject lines (how the email appears on the recipient’s in-box). And the best subject lines are those that actually describe what’s in the email. If your email is a newsletter, be clear and put the name and issue of the newsletter in your subject line. If your email is a special promotion, tell them right from the start (which is the subject line) what's inside. For example, depending on the content, your subject line might feature an announcement about new classes, an upcoming event or a special offer. But be careful with your subject lines too – certain words like “free” tend to automatically send emails straight to spam folders.

Resource type: Guide/tools | Published: 2013