Template: Social media policy

Template: Social media policy


A useful social media policy template devised by CharityComms, the membership network for communications professionals working in UK charities.

Need to create a social media policy for your charity but don’t know where to start?

This template put together by CharityComms is based on policies from across the charity sector. Guide your staff on social media, whether they’re promoting your charity’s work or publishing in a personal capacity. Simply adapt the relevant parts of the template to fit your organisation and update the branding.

Tips for using this template

  • In a world where tweets and Facebook posts can lead to criminal lawsuits, having a crystal clear social media policy for staff is crucial for any charity. Ensure yours is watertight by running it by all the crucial stakeholders, and, if possible, a legal expert
  • Have you carefully read and adapted every section to your organisation’s needs? Every organisation is unique in the way they use social media, so you’ll need to tailor every last area to fit your requirements
  • Make sure all your staff have read it – whether it’s the most junior volunteer or senior trustee, their social media actions could be the difference between a successful campaign and a ruined reputation for a charity
  • Check out what other organisations do: you can see social media policies at over 300 organisations here
  • Read through  #CharityCommsSocialMediaGuide. See page nine in particular for more on social media policies
  • CharityComms are eager to keep improving the quality of their resources, so if you have any feedback on the template, please let them know.

Download the template (Word) 


This template was created by Kellie Smith for CharityComms.  Thanks to the TUC, Catch22, SEPA, Sustrans and Parkinson’s, all of whom submitted their social media policies to help CharityComms come up with this template.

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Resource type: Guide/tools | Published: 2023