Tell your story and make your case heard

Tell your story and make your case heard

By Naomi Davenport
Lisa Gribling


Storytelling is at the heart of successful fundraising. It is important that an organisation refines its 'story' or brand to effectively make its case for support. A clear identity is essential – for the organisation, for audiences old and new, and for donors and sponsors to fully engage with you. By establishing the identity of an organisation, it will become more apparent which target groups are most suitable to target and how best to reach them.


  • A solid brand and identity platform and a clear Case for Support that everyone within the organisation is able to communicate confidently.
  • The ability to create a distinct corporate offer focused on the organisation’s brand, and around the character and values that are outlined in the brand platform.
  • A stronger engagement with both private and corporate parties that results in more substantial and structural gifts.
Resource type: Case studies | Published: 2014