Sustainability Action Plan

Sustainability Action Plan

By Australian Museum


An example of a 2-year Sustainability Action Plan for the Australian Museum covering their four strategic priorities: Reducing operational impacts on the environment; Future-proofing the infrastructure; Engaging our people; Educating visitors and stakeholders.

The Australian Museum’s commitment to sustainability is demonstrated through four strategic priorities:

  1. Reducing operational impacts on the environment
  2. Future-proofing the infrastructure
  3. Engaging our people
  4. Educating visitors and stakeholders

Key actions from the Sustainability Action Plan include:

  • Achieving 4 Star Green Star rating or higher rating for the performance of the Australian Museum buildings.
  • The efficient use of energy, water and other resources.
  • Implementation of an environmental management system to monitor, record and communicate AM environmental performance.
  • Aiming for carbon neutrality by 2020.
  • Communicating climate change science and advocating for behavioural change.

All targets in the Sustainability Action Plan are aimed at assisting AM Staff to optimise performance of buildings and operations.

"Climate change is one of the key issues of our times and the protection and management of our natural heritage has never been more important.

As a leading natural history and cultural institution,the Australian Museum (AM) has a responsibility to educate, inspire and act on environmental sustainability.

Changes to the world’s climate are of particular concern and require coordinated international action. The Australian Museum Research Institute (AMRI) uses the AM’s collections to better understand the impacts of climate change on biodiversity and how best to implement conservation strategies for those ecosystems and species impacted. The AM’s collections of 21 million objects and specimens tell us a great deal about the changes to Australia’s biodiversity over time.

The Paris Agreement of 2015 has set out a framework for a zero emissions future and the Australian Museum will play an active role in our nation's transition.

This will occur firstly, through sound sustainability practice and secondly, through our scientific research, collections management, education, programming and exhibitions to improve public awareness of climate change science and its cultural context.

I am pleased to present the Australian Museum’s Sustainability Action Plan 2019–2021, a plan that will make a positive impact into the future. "

Kim McKay AO

Director & CEO, Australian Museum

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Resource type: Guide/tools | Published: 2019