Values survey to segment donors by attitudes

Values survey to segment donors by attitudes

By Alan Brown


The Values Survey is a stepping stone towards a new type of donor database which segments by attitudes and beliefs. It surveys motivations to donate and outlines five types of donor:
  1. Intrinsics - believe in the transformative power of art.
  2. Networkers are socially-oriented 
  3. Co-Creators want to be a part of the evolution of the art forms.
  4. Marquee Donors want public recognition 
  5. Youth-Focused want to expand the reach of the arts to children and the disadvantaged.

In preparation for this effort, a significant multi-site qualitative research effort was undertaken by the study partners, including 195 in-person interviews with ticket buyers and donors. A summary report  from that effort was distributed to the study partners in August 2006, and serves as the conceptual  basis for the protocol developed in this survey effort.

Values Survey Research Questions
• Do ticket buyers’ values and beliefs help to explain what presentations they buy?
• What motivates donors to contribute?
• Which attitudinal variables contribute the most predictive value to incidence of ticket purchase and gift level?

Resource type: Research | Published: 2013