Strengthening private sector support for the arts in New Zealand

Strengthening private sector support for the arts in New Zealand

By Allen Consulting Group


In May 2010, Creative New Zealand commissioned the Allen Consulting Group to conduct research into private sector support for the arts, and to develop an action plan for increasing this support. The private sector - made up of individuals, trusts and foundations, and business - is the most viable source of external support for arts organisations, including: financial; in kind goods and services; and skills-based volunteering. This report offers 33 recommendations.

New Zealand, like Australia, Canada and the UK, but unlike the US, does not have a strong culture of philanthropy among its wealthiest citizens, and has still a much smaller circle of wealthy citizens engaged with philanthropic giving to the Arts. Increasing the total number of New Zealanders who give to the Arts, in a highly competitive and sophisticated philanthropic market, is a worthy but long-term endeavour.

Identifying and building the business case for corporations and small and medium enterprises to invest in arts organisations as a core component of business strategy, offers New Zealand an undeveloped, sustainable and significant source of private sector support.

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Resource type: Research | Published: 2014