Sponsorship: collaboration between marketing and development teams

Sponsorship: collaboration between marketing and development teams

By Marah Winn Moon


Despite pockets of excellence, there are still huge opportunities for increased collaboration between marketing and development teams when it comes to delivering visionary, clever and results-driven sponsorship, both within the arts and cultural industries and businesses.  In this article sponsorship consultant Marah Winn Moon discusses the ways in which marketing and development teams can work together and the benefits of creative partnerships for both the arts and cultural organisations and the businesses supporting them.

Partnerships between business and the arts also offer potential for the arts to foster new audiences, by harnessing opportunities to reach out to the sponsor’s internal and external stakeholders. Too often this is an add-on, once the core sponsorship activation programme has been set in stone. Marketing and development teams should sit down early on in the relationship with the sponsors marketing and sponsorship teams and discuss goals and aspirations. What are the businesses specific business objectives over the coming year/s? How can the arts organisation support these through their marketing campaigns? How can the sponsor support the arts marketing goals? By sharing core business objectives up front, there are usually surprising ‘wins’ which not only reap tangible benefits for both parties, but which also serve to weave the marketing campaigns of both organisations more
closely together, and underpin the sponsorship with a robust platform of joint objectives and crucially, joint commitment.

Resource type: | Published: 2013