Sponsoring the arts: what’s in it for business?

Sponsoring the arts: what’s in it for business?

By Arts & Business


Why has business sponsorship of the arts been so successful over the years? This factsheet outlines how the arts are able to meet one or more business objectives, including access to a target market, enhancing its image, staff development and creative problem-solving.

Sometimes in making a purchasing decision, the customer also considers the image of the business that made the product. Is that company a ‘good’ company? Do they have a ‘moral’ license to operate? Are they a trusted part of the community? There is still a debate as to how important these questions are when the consumer makes a decision but it is probably fair to say that for some consumers and some companies, they are very important. A business may sponsor the arts to build positive connections, attitudes and values in the minds of its target customers by linking the business with innovative and creative thinking.

Resource type: Guide/tools | Published: 2014