Some ideas for using social media to connect with family audiences

Some ideas for using social media to connect with family audiences

By Ginevra Jacobucci


These minutes from the Family Friendly Forum give an over view of discussion around using social media to talk to family audiences. The key points discussed are that not much research is available on how families use social networking, that it’s all about communicating not selling, and that some further action is needed to develop common twitter has tags and ways of highlighting useful content on facebook.

2. Social media and families

Netmums and Mumsnet are among the two most popular forums/websites aimed at mums – Netmums ( was considered the most useful for mums in terms of practical advice, i.e. suggestions for days out, recipes for toddlers etc.

Each area will have its own specific site, i.e. Netmums Manchester, and for each you can find tabs like ‘Places to go’ or ‘Things to do’ for organisations to list events in. Horse & Bamboo Theatre (Rossendale) for example regularly registers all their events on their local Netmum website.

Tip: Netmums also has a local regular newsletter where you could promote your event/venue: You could also post details on the local board:

Mumsnet ( - Some organisations reported being cited on Mumsnet, i.e. Gallery Oldham. Here’s also an interesting example of when IWMN was criticised on Mumsnet and how they responded to this:

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