Social marketing: engaging diverse communities

Social marketing: engaging diverse communities

By Hardish Virk


A ‘social marketing’ approach uses non-traditional methods of marketing based on understanding culturally diverse communities. This guide focuses on three key elements of this type of audience development: research (making use of publicly available information); tools/methodologies (use of print, direct mail and PR/media); and sustainability (long-term relationships and partnerships).

The process: research
The process begins with an audit. Often, organisations are not aware of their existing strengths – what are the available human skills and resources – how can these support the project? What is the commitment of the whole organisation – is everyone involved? What and who are your existing partnerships? Can you build on these or reconnect with groups that have historically but not recently been involved? By utilising existing resources and building on knowledge, it is more likely that you will achieve sustainability.

Resource type: Guide/tools | Published: 2014