Social marketing benchmark criteria

Social marketing benchmark criteria

By National Social Marketing Centre


Discover the eight elements that are included in successful social marketing interventions in this toolkit from the National Social Marketing Centre.

The benchmark criteria are eight key elements that are included in successful social marketing interventions.

Building on Alan Andreasen's 2002 six-point criteria, they are designed to:

  • Support better understanding of core social marketing concepts and principles
  • Promote a consistent approach to review and evaluation
  • Assist in the commissioning of social marketing services

The benchmarks were selected by reviewing successful social marketing projects and identifying the common elements that contributed to their success. The benchmarks are not a social marketing process, but the elements that can improve the impact of a social marketing intervention. Other factors, such as strategic planning, partnerships, stakeholder engagement and monitoring and evaluation, are also important. The benchmark criteria are set out, along with planning advice and tools, on The NSMC's online Planning guide and toolbox available at

The benchmark criteria are not designed to be a simple tick-box checklist. Instead, they are a set of integrated concepts. For example, insight should evolve from the customer orientation work and exchange should be illustrated in the 'price' element of the methods mix. The links between the benchmarks are highlighted in the table.

Download the guide (PDF) to discover the 8 criteria

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Behaviour Benchmarking Benchmarks
Resource type: Guide/tools | Published: 2014