Small changes, big results. Innovative approaches to ticketing, fundraising and more

Small changes, big results. Innovative approaches to ticketing, fundraising and more


To meet a complex and rapidly changing environment, we need to respond differently. We must make innovation routine. This playbook is full of real-world examples that explore embracing creative approaches to meet longstanding challenges. A Tessitura resource.

At a glance

Arts and culture professionals have a long history of embracing flexibility. Near-constant change is the norm. But if recent shifts have you feeling like the pace is increasing, you’re not alone.

Innovation is more important now than ever before. Yet, as always, time and budgets remain limited. Your good ideas and best intentions may fall victim to day-to-day tasks, deadlines and responsibilities.

How can the average organisation keep up?

It’s easy to believe impactful change requires herculean endeavours. The truth is everyone can innovate. But if you want big results faster, you might want to think smaller.

In this playbook, we share real-world examples of arts and culture teams from Tate, Shedd Aquarium, Liberty Science Center, Phoenix Theatre Company, ZACH Theatre and the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts who are growing their audiences by making innovation part of their everyday work.

The playbook covers:

  • Where arts and culture professionals are embracing creative approaches to longstanding challenges
  • What modern innovation looks like (and how the right team may be your secret to unlocking it)
  • Why surprising barriers could be holding you back
  • How you can create a culture of innovation in your organisation

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Resource type: Guide/tools | Published: 2024